Will Custody

You have a will, now you want to keep it secure!

Some hide their wills, and it is as good as no will as the beneficiaries might not be able to find it!

Some keep their wills in a bank safe deposit box. It might not be a good idea as the deposit box and all items in it are frozen upon the deceased of the account holder.

Some keep their wills with legal professionals but they might loss contact as the business closed down or moved location.

Some might be senile, ill or forgetful and fail to tell their love ones the location of their wills.

Professional Will Custody Service Options encompass lifetime benefits of 20% -50% discount for subsequent unlimited rewriting of Wills

  • Lifetime Custody
  • Annual Custody
  • Professional Will Custody Fee

    Type of Custody Annual Lifetime Exclusive Lifetime
    Fees S$80 S$800 S$1,000
    Period Annual Lifetime Lifetime
    Rewriting Discount 20% 20% 50%

    Your wills are kept in a secure environment, which prevent tampering & forgery. It is certain to be found when needed.

    Notification of your will with Wills Registry helps executor to determine if the deceased has any will and gives the particulars of the solicitor who has drawn the will.

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