Personal Will Writing

Write a will to speak of your LOVE & RESPONSIBILITY for your love ones & family. It is a simple document. But when you are not around, it is the ONLY document which can represent you to declare your wishes.

9 points to note if you like to leave your legacy for children

What happen when a person dies?

Will all your joint accounts be frozen?

Who can inherit the assets?

If you do not have a will, your estate distribution decisions are ruled by the Singapore Interstate Succession Act rather of your choice. In addition, if you have young children the court will decide who to take care of them. Your beneficiaries or others might contend with the administration of the estate.

Read about Singapore Interstate Succession Act

This act has no discretion or emotions. Your estate can go to people you might not like, or people whom you wish to benefit may not be able to receive.

Without a will, there might be unforseen challenges, estate administration duration may increase and legal costs can be higher.

Where any beneficiary is not at least 21 years of age, or the value of the estate exceeds S$250,000 you are required to furnish 2 sureties to the Administration Bond. This is to ensure that you administer the estate properly. Each surety must have assets worth the total value of the deceased’s estate

Do your love ones a favour, make a Will.

Will-Writing Fee

Types of Will Number of Clauses Fees
Basic Will I 1 – 4 S$340
Basic Will II 5 – 8 S$440
Intermediate Will I 9 – 11 S$550
Intermediate Will II 12 – 14 S$700
Comprehensive Will I 15 – 17 S$850
Comprehensive Will II 18 – 20 S$1,050
Comprehensive Will III 21 – 23 S$1,250
Exclusive Will I 24 – 26 S$1,550
Exclusive Will II 27 – 29 S$1,850
Exclusive Will III Above 30 S$2,150 & above


If you have a will, is it reviewed regularly?

Is it up to date with regards to your current needs & concerns?

Remarry? Divorced?

New life stage (becoming a parent or grandparent)?

Simplistic will without cater to individual’s needs?

Split illiquid assets to several beneficiaries?

Giving too much & too early to young adults?

Invalidity in will due to failure in observing formalities?

Do you need a second or multiple wills to cover assets that are located in other jurisdictions?

Nominate Executor who is honest & diligent, and has the time & capacity to help administer & protect your estate. He or she has to list down your inventories, pay your debts, taxes, probate costs & funeral expenses and finally supervise the distribution of the remaining assets to your beneficiaries.

Avoid appointing one who lives overseas as this may caused delay and complications. Name a substitute executor as one may predeceased you.

Name guardian for your children if both parents are not around to care for them. You sure would want someone who will lovingly hug & kiss your children, and bring them up with similar values as yours. There are many factors to choose a suitable guardian and it can be a tough decision.

Do they share the same faith with good moral values?

Do they have children? Do your children have to move?

Grandparents is the favourite choice. However they might predeceased us or physically might not be able to handle the role at the time of need. A substitute guardian may be required.

If you have children from different marriages, they might be attached to different adults. You can choose a different guardian for each child.

Guardian may not be the same person who takes care of your children’s finances. A trustee can be appointed to handle the economic aspects of bringing up your children so that your guardian can focus on providing a stable & loving home.

Residual clause specifies what happen to the ‘residual’ of your estate. Assets acquire after a will has been drafted will be automatically included in the residual clause.

Will Storage serves two important roles: to keep your will securely as well as enabling your executor to have immediate access to your will when needed. Read more on Will Custody

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