Professional Executorship & Estate Administration

You have started planning for your loved ones by writing a Will and now you wish to appoint someone as an Executor. You want to have a peace of mind to ensure that your wishes in your Will would be followed.

What happen if your appointed Executor passed on, is unwilling, unavailable, or unable (e.g. Bankrupted person) to attend to the estate matters?

You need the Executor to have the expertise and experience to handle your estate and spare your family from the hassle of administering your estate. Rockwills Trustee is independent in its management and administration of the Estate and acts impartially to all beneficiaries. At the same time, such trustee companies are under legal obligation to ensure that the funds are properly managed, accounted for and properly distributed.

Executor and/or Trusteeship Appointment Fee

Service 1st Time Reappointment
Acceptance Fees $100 Free of Charge

Obtaining Grant of Probate

Service Subordinate Court High Court
RTS Appointed as Executor in Will S$3,000 S$5,000

How to ensure continuity in the Estate Administration and avoid delay caused by the critical illness or death of the appointed Executor, his delay, procrastination or his disinterest in administering your estate. A Corporate Trustee provides continuity in carrying out the terms and conditions of the Will.

Annual Administration Fee for Estate/ Trust

The annual admin fee for estate on movable assets is as follow:

Value of Movable Assets Charges & Minimum Fee
Below S$1 million 0.5% (min S$3,000)
Below S$1 million to S$3 million 0.4% (min S$5,000)
Below S$3 million to S$6 million 0.3% (min S$9,000)
Below S$6 million to S$10 million 0.2% (min S$12,000)
Above S$10 million 0.1% (min S$20,000)

Immovable Assets
The fee for immovable assets is 5% of gross annual rental income/ market rental that the property is reasonably expected to fetch subject to a minimum of S$3,000 per title/lot.

Please note that the fees are charged only upon extraction of Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration

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