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We provide total estate planning solutions, integrated with financial planning.

Personal Will Writing
A will is the only document that represents you when you are not around. It tells your love ones the intentions and plans you have in placed specially for them!

Business Succession Planning
Business succession planning is often neglected by the busy business person, whether it involves a one person show or partnership. It starts with Incorporation, designing shareholders’ agreement, fund creation to setting up a business trust.

Trust Services
Trust is no longer only applicable or accessible for the ultra rich but also anyone who needs to conserve assets & estate for the benefits of one generation to another.

Lasting Power Of Attorney
A will takes effect upon death while lasting power of Attorney (LPA) takes effect when unsound mind occurs.

Professional Executorship & Trust Administration
The process of administrating one’s estate can be laborious, spare your family from the hassle and let our professional & experienced trustee to follow through your wishes.

Fund Creation & Estate Portfolio

You have your dreams & aspirations. Now you have to check if there are sufficient resources to make wishes come true. Fund creation for both your love ones and business can be done to cover any shortfall you might have.

Will Custody
Keeping your will safe and allowing it to be accessed immediately by the beneficiaries upon death.

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