More S’poreans drafting wills, giving estate to charity

13 September 2011
By Ng Puay Leng, Wayne Chan

SINGAPORE: The number of Singaporeans registering their wills with the Wills Registry is up some 25 per cent from almost 7,500 in 2007 to about 9,400 last year.

At least 6,000 have already registered their wills this year, according to the Public Trustee.

When 46-year-old Colin Choo decided to get professional help to draft a will five years ago, his friends and family were surprised and laughed at him because they felt he did not have much to leave behind.

But lawyers Channel NewsAsia spoke to said there are more people like Mr Choo, as drafting wills is no longer something that only the old or rich do.

Many younger Singaporeans are increasingly showing an interest in wills.

Lawyers said the proportion of Singaporeans who’ve indicated they want to donate part of their estate to charity has also increased by some 30 to 40 per cent over the last five years.

Mr Steven kLam, JTJB partner said: “The charities are getting very visible in their outreach programmes.

“And I think Singaporeans are quite selfless and we are quite willing to give a part of our estate to the charity so that the community at large can benefit from it.”

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